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Custom Puzzle

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Create your own custom photo puzzle from your favorite image! It can be a family photo, a portrait, a pet photo, etc. Keep your memories alive with the help of our personalized puzzle.

  • Durable wooden base and 100% recycled laminated cardboard
  • Vivid colors
  • 2 sizes available - 300 and 500 pieces - choose your difficulty level! (Each size corresponds to a certain number of pieces. 15"x10" - 300 pieces, 20"x15" - 500 pieces)
  • Ready gift - no worries about anything! Our custom puzzle is provided with a gift box and a card that includes the selected photo
  • Double-quality control - all the pieces are in the box

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Size" W x L
15" x 10", 20" x 15", 30" x 20"
Horizontal and vertical
Print Side
One-sided print
Wooden base and laminated cardboard finish
Production time
1-2 days
Number of Pieces
300, 500, 1000
Gift box
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15" x 10"
Shipping To
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US (Domestic)
300 pieces
$4.99 (USPS First class package)
$2 (USPS First class package)
US (Domestic)
500 pieces
$5.99 (USPS First class package)
$2 (USPS First class package)
US (Domestic)
1000 pieces
$8.90 (USPS First class package)
$2 (USPS First class package)