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How does Shopify integration work?

By Factory4me Team

“Factory4me” is an application for your Shopify store. After installation, you will have the following options:

  • Creating products with your own design right from Shopify admin
  • Ready-made templates with product descriptions, flexible price management.
  • Product branding

Using the application is absolutely free. You pay only for the goods ordered by your customers.

The necessary steps to work with our application:

  • Connect your Shopify Store, configure the method of payment orders, branding.
  • Create a product and publish it in your store.
  • After the sale, we automatically receive the order, produce it, brand it and send it to your buyer.

Start making money!

Your profit is the difference between the sale price on your site and our production price. For example, you sold a curtain in your store for $69. Also, the buyer paid for your delivery - $8.90. Total, your order worth $77.90. We will receive your order automatically and the production of curtains will cost $49, including shipping. Your profit will be $77.9 - $49 = $28.9

Create products with the author's design and increase sales, and we will take care of the production and delivery!