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5 Reasons to Start Selling Custom Posters with Factory4me Now

By Factory4me Team

  • Reasons to Start Selling Custom Posters

One of the most common things to gift these days is personalized posters. People like receiving presents of posters with their furry friends or family. It has recently gained a lot of popularity. So, do not miss the golden opportunity to make a fortune.

Ready in no time
It takes a little time to manufacture and print posters for us. That means your customer will receive a poster very quickly after ordering. It will bring positive reviews and boost your customers’ loyalty!

Flat-rate pricing
We offer flat-rate pricing. The price of posters is fixed and doesn't change under any circumstances. This flat-rate pricing model provides you with transparency. Our customers always know how much shipping and production cost.

No minimum order quantities
There is no minimum order quantity on posters. We manufacture them immediately when orders are placed. And you can order as many or as few posters as you need.

No upfront investment
Usually, online stores require heavy financial investments to develop, manufacture, and stock inventory. But with us you don’t have to worry about anything like that. You can save quite a lot of money and forget about inventory and order fulfilment. We take care of everything, while you can focus on other important aspects of your business.