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How Can Colors Influence Sales?

By Factory4me Team

  • colors influence sales

All sellers try to pay attention to every detail that can boost sales, from the correct text structure to effective advertising. But have you ever thought about how can colors influence sales and marketing as a whole?

You might be surprised, but there is such a direction as color psychology. Color psychology studies the perception of different colors by people. In this particular case, we are talking about customers.

It is very important to know the psychological effects of different colors and which feelings they trigger. Color has the power that we are used to underrating. Let's analyze it a bit.

People often make orders when they like the colors of a product. Some people tend to impulse buying. There was even research that found out that 93% of buyers focus on visual appearance. And about 85% said that the color was the main reason they buy products! Can you imagine that? 

The choice of color depends on what you sell - electronics, clothes, kids' clothes, toys, homeware, etc. The most popular colors in marketing are:

1. Red. It is one of the brightest colors, red always attracts attention. This is the reason why the red color is used when you want to tell your customers about sales, offers, and so on.

2. Green. This color is associated with health and nature. Green lets you relax, it is pleasant to our eyes.

3. Blue. This color stands for water and tranquility.

4. Orange. Another bright color that promotes positive feelings. 

5. Yellow. As an orange color, yellow also stands for optimism and energy. However, using these two colors people should be careful in order not to cause the opposite effect.

6. Black. It is associated with power and strength. Also one of the popular colors. Images and logos with usage the black color often look very stylish.

7. Purple. Purple is a color of royalty and wisdom, it also stands for creativity. Choosing purple, you will hit the nail on the head.

8. Pink. Pink is commonly associated with love, fun, kindness, and innocence. Often pink is used together with bright, aggressive colors like black and red to smooth them.

9. White. It is associated with purity and safety. White will not suit every brand because it may not cause the necessary effect, but it will look good in minimalist logos and pictures.

Of course, this is not a complete list. We gave an example of those colors that are the most common. If you study the logos of famous brands, you can see that there are correct associations that arise when you see the logo of a particular brand. For baby or kids products, it might be a good idea to use pink, purple, or blue. If you sell household goods or clothing, it is also essential to study the impact of each color on a person, and, according to it, create a logo or launch an advertisement.

Do not neglect the power of the colors. By using different colors correctly, you may achieve the desired result, improve conversion rate, and drive more sales.